Transform your Business – Strategic Agility


For Senior Leaders, Managers and Executives

Whether you are an established business or a brand new start up agile and lean can help you to map your business model and plan in real time, in a way that’s fully tailored to you, your business and your teams

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Strategic Roadmapping Workshop

Develop a short-medium term roadmap for your business that operates in real time.  A business roadmap is a visual management tool that every member of your organisation can see and contribute to.  Use this tool to communicate with your teams and gain feedback on progress towards short and medium term goals of the business.

Strategic road mapping is delivered as a 1/2 or full day workshop, this workshop will introduce you to the concept of road mapping and facilitate the creation of a road map for the business going forward, together with the knowledge and tools to implement and integrate it into the workplace.

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Agile Business Modelling Workshop

  • Visualise current and future business models
  • Analyse models for growth barriers and opportunities
  • Analyse business value proposition
  • Communicate Business model and direction throughout the business

Key learning points: understanding your business model ; understanding the business value proposition; identifying barriers to growth; identifying growth opportunities; understanding business model change; communicating the business model; understanding new product/marketing development impact; business model innovation; business model generation

This workshop uses the Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and Value Proposition as well as other business modelling practical and visual approaches.  Duration of the workshop will range from 1-4 days depending on the business requirements.

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Innovation Games and Collaboration Games

Strategic Games workshops can use various innovation games and collaborative activities that will help your business to identify opportunities, explore ideas, inspire innovation and empower your teams.

Games include those from Innovation Games™ such as Product Tree, Speedboat, Remember the Future and Product Box as well as other collaboration games such as Smooth Sailing, Value Proposition, Estimation Games,  Minimum Viable Product, 80:20, Retrospectives, TeamTime, as well as bespoke games, games are tailored to fit what you wish to explore and dicover ensuring you get the most from the experience.

Games can be faciliatated with your teams and more widely with your customers and partners.

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Business Journeys Workshops and Coaching

Create and explore your business journeys using lean and kanban techniques.  Develop visual maps of your existing processes and systems.

  • Identify blocks and bottlenecks
  • Uncover slack and waste
  • Improve communications and workflow
  • Embed continuous improvement into day to day working

At a Business Journeys Workshop you will create visual pipelines helping to explore and improve your existing processes and systems.  The technique provides a snapshot during the workshop to be reviewed, and realtime picture of key business journeys going forward.

Use this workshop to help map where value is created, identify barriers to growth and plot journeys within your business.

Business Journeys Workshop is a 1 day workshop working with the business to create their own journey pipelines and will leave with the tools and materials to implement these immediately into their working environments.

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All direct Coaching and Training support is individually customised for a business to provide the best experience for your business.

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