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Belinda Waldock is an experienced Agile speaker, presenter and facilitator on the evolution of agile business and teams, the evolution of agile beyond its origins in software and its adoption and adaption in various sectors and types of organisation.

I am always delighted to be invited to speak at events and will accept when ever possible to support the growth and development of agile throughout teams and organisations.  Please contact if you would like to discuss a keynote, seminar or workshop for your event. info@beingagile.co.uk

Please find below previous speaker experience including links to events page, as well as a number of video links

Forthcoming and Previous engagements:

Agile on the Beach July 2018

Galway, Ireland, May 2018

Agile in the City, London April 2018

Association of International Certified Professional Accountant, Agile Project Management April 2018 London

Agile Tour London Oct 20 2017 – Being Agile : Beyond Code

Agile Outside IT Oct 3rd 2017, Canary Wharf, London – Being Agile Outside IT, Retrospective Sailing Workshop, Q&A

The Poly, Falmouth July 2017 : Cornwall’s Digital Revolution : The Software Story

Agile on the Beach 2017 : July 2017 : Tide Driven Development & Retrospective Sailing Workshop

HMLandRegistry : Conference : June 2017

Being agile in Business : beyond code : Aginext, London, May 2016

Women in Business Conference, Wiltshire – Retrospective Sailing workshop – March 2017

AMA Digital Marketing Conference, London – Being Agile Keynote, Agile Marketing Seminar – December 2016

Hemsley Fraser Project Management Conference, London – Agile Project Management Seminar & Discussion – December 2016

Agile in the City Conference, Bristol – Being Agile in Cornwall – November 2016

European Lean Educators Conference, Buckingham – Agile for Lean People Keynote, Being Agile in Business Day Workshop – October 2016

Digital Plymouth Conference – Regional Discussion Panel on Growing Tech in South West, 2016

Agile on the Beach Conference, Cornwall – Closing Panel Discussion – September 2016

Agile Cymru Conference, Cardiff – Agile Author – writing a book using agile – July 2016

Devoxx Conference, London – Agile Retrospective Sailing half day workshop – June 2016

Agile Manchester Conference – Being Agile in Cornwall – May 2016

Corporate IT Forum – Being Agile in Business – 2015

Agile Cambridge Conference- Being Agile in Business – 2015

Agile Cymru Conference – Being Agile in Business – 2015

Agile on the Beach Conference, Cornwall – Being Agile in Business – 2015

Agile Business Conference, London – Being Agile in Business 2015

Agile on the Beach Conference, Cornwall – Agile Innovation 2014

Agile Innovation Business Agility Seminars, Workshops and Training Days 2012-2015

Agile on the Beach Conference, Cornwall – Taking Agile Mainstream 2013

Agile Innovation Project Management Seminars, Workshops and Training Days 2012-2015

Ignite Business Startup 2 day workshops 2012-2014

Online Marketing Seminars, Workshops and Training days 2004-2011


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