Being Agile in Business Discover a better way to work.  Being Agile in Business, internationally published by Pearson, translated into Chinese, and shortlisted as Management book of the year. This book translates agile into plain english that can be applied to any team or business environment to improve communications, visibility, performance and morale. A simple and straightforward guide to agile working, covering the application of agile in project management, product development, team performance and business management for any business professional. Whether you work in a small business, global enterprise or the public sector this book will give you a quick guide to agile concepts, approaches,Read More →

tide driven development

Tide Driven Development – Cornwall’s growing tech community   Periscope Live Video (by Software Cornwall) Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work and live Agile on the Beach every day, and how you could be a part of it? Cornwall’s Tech sector is causing waves with its thriving and connected tech community! Ranked the 3rd fastest growing cluster in the UK for jobs growth this year (TechNation 2017) the county continues its surge of growth and development. Want to know what we are doing to cause this growth? Then don’t miss this session. Join Belinda and the Software Cornwall teamRead More →

Retrospective Sailing

Retrospective Sailing Game — Agile Teams & Practices Workshop template and guide Put the wind back in the sails of your team, raise the anchors holding you back. Try out the Agile Retrospective Sailing game with your teams today, you’ll need something to draw a boat on, some post it notes and pens. Belinda Waldock Retrospective Sailing — an agile reflection game A hands on workshop facilitating a practical retrospective game. Retrospective Sailing is a game you can play as an individual in any role, as part of a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand how your journey is fairing. This game will give you aRead More →


Agile Retrospective Game This retrospective game provides an easy and fun way to reflect on a projects progress, or for an individual review, or business / project review. Pleased to give a short 20 minute introduction to Retrospectives and the Team game smooth sailing at Kernowdat on 9/12/16 Brief overview, for a full explanation please watch the you tube video, or find the details in my book Retrospective sailing – an agile reflection game.  Delegates draw their own ‘ship’ representing themselves, a project, product, team or business.  They add ‘sails’ for the things that are going well, and ‘anchors’ for things they can do betterRead More →


I am delighted to join Hemsley Frasers conference this November in London as a guest speaker Leading Change using an Agile Mindset (Belinda Waldock – Guest speaker) Project Manager’s Conference Autumn 2016 This project management training event will provide you with inspiration, tools and techniques to help you perform better each day. You’ll leave with fresh ideas and new skills that you can use straightaway. 100% of attendees would recommend the conference to a friend or colleague! The Autumn Project Manager’s conference will take place in the stunning etc.venues Victoria – One Drummond Gate.  Read More →