Delighted to have been part of this agile workspace article and guide to agile workspace design with Rhino Interiors Group, via Craig at : Agile Working: From Software Development to Workspace Design The agile workspace design concept has its roots in an approach to developing software. In the first article in our agile series, we answer where the agile term comes from, what it means today and how it’s changed our environment. What we mean by agile working and agile workspace design are two very different things, but the former has definitely influenced the latter, as we’ll see. “Once-in-a-lifetime cusp of a shift” According toRead More →


Being agile have launched a new and exclusive one day Agile Team Experience Day for small to medium size businesses and teams in Cornwall to help them generate results faster, work together, communicate better, and improve their performance. The day is a practical and hands on experience where attendees will learn all about agile working.   During the day attendees will ; Gain an understanding of key concepts and principles of agile working Apply agile thinking, methods and tools to current roles, teams, projects and products Identify key areas where adopting agile approaches will be most effective for the team Find quick wins to help positivelyRead More →


Students studying for their GCSEs are required to continuously complete homework, create assignments and study for exams.  To perform their best they need time and task management skills to plan and manage their workload effectively. Agile is a popular method for task management developed by the tech community which is now used widely in many business sectors and disciplines and is highly transferable into other areas including studying at school. These simple ‘agile’ methods provide students with the study skills and tools they need to plan, prioritise and action their work. Create a study plan that’s easy to manage and action Plan and prioritise homework,Read More →

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Belinda Waldock is an experienced Agile speaker, presenter and facilitator on the evolution of agile beyond its origins in software and its adoption and adaption in various sectors and types of organisation. Please contact if you would like to discuss a keynote, seminar or workshop for your event. Please find below previous speaker experience including links to events page, as well as a number of video links Forthcoming and Previous engagements: SEACON, Scaling Enterprise Agility, London, November 2018 Agile Italy, Venice, September 2018 Agile on the Beach July 2018 Tech Nation Cornwall, Goonhilly, May 2018 (Organiser) Galway, Ireland, May 2018 Agile in the City,Read More →