Students studying for their GCSEs are required to continuously complete homework, create assignments and study for exams.  To perform their best they need time and task management skills to plan and manage their workload effectively. Agile is a popular method for task management developed by the tech community which is now used widely in many business sectors and disciplines and is highly transferable into other areas including studying at school. These simple ‘agile’ methods provide students with the study skills and tools they need to plan, prioritise and action their work. Create a study plan that’s easy to manage and action Plan and prioritise homework,Read More →


Agile Outside IT Meet UP Tuesday 3rd october 6.30-8.45pm   – Agile Outside IT, barclays, canary wharf, london agenda – booking link – 6.30 – arrival 6.45  – Being Agile : Beyond IT 7.15 – A Retrospective on Agile outside IT – game (45 minutes) 8.00 – Q& A (15 minutes) 8.45 – finish Being Agile : Beyond IT with Belinda Waldock Tuesday, Oct 3, 2017, 6:30 PM Barclays1 Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, E14 5HP London, GB 45 Outsiders Attending Belinda works with teams to help them grow and improve their performance through agile working. Her book, Being Agile in Business, has been internationally published andRead More →


Being Agile : Beyond Code Session Category :  Talk October 20, 2017 14:15  –  15:00 Agile has reached far beyond its origins as a method for writing great code and delivering systems, it has gone viral, it has changed the dynamics of how organisations operate at every level – test driven product development, continuous delivery and improvement, talent and knowledge driven operations, diverse, organic and dynamic team and business structures and more. In this session hear stories about how agile adventures beyond the code are changing traditional business practices and delivering a business management model fit for the 21st century.  Read More →


Cornwall and the Digital Revolution: The Software Story 27 July Thursday 7:30pm Cornwall and the Digital Revolution: The Software Story   Cornwall is enjoying a Digital boom. West Cornwall is the second fastest growing digital hub in the country. There are over 680 tech companies in Cornwall, supporting more than 1,300 highly paid jobs – with advertised average salaries of £34,367. These companies range across artificial intelligence, the internet of things, robots, cloud-based services, virtual reality and drone filming. The Poly is pleased to announce the launch of a series of talks aimed at examining this phenomenon. We will invite speakers from across the digital,Read More →

tide driven development

Tide Driven Development – Cornwall’s growing tech community   Periscope Live Video (by Software Cornwall) Have you ever wondered what it’s like to work and live Agile on the Beach every day, and how you could be a part of it? Cornwall’s Tech sector is causing waves with its thriving and connected tech community! Ranked the 3rd fastest growing cluster in the UK for jobs growth this year (TechNation 2017) the county continues its surge of growth and development. Want to know what we are doing to cause this growth? Then don’t miss this session. Join Belinda and the Software Cornwall teamRead More →