Agile Management Accounting An introduction to Agile Management Accounting. What is agile and how does it impact on Management Accounting in a business. Agile Project Management develops and delivers products and services in and incremental value driven approach.  The method uses planning models that include ‘beyond budgeting’, moving beyond fixed budgets and timescales for a project.  Agile instead encourages working with variable time, cost and quality, making initial budgets, timescales flexible as a project progresses. In this talk we discuss what an agile mindset looks like, how the method works and how this impacts on how a project is measured. Talk Slides Agile Management AccountingRead More →


Being agile have launched a new and exclusive one day Agile Team Experience Day for small to medium size businesses and teams in Cornwall to help them generate results faster, work together, communicate better, and improve their performance. The day is a practical and hands on experience where attendees will learn all about agile working.   During the day attendees will ; Gain an understanding of key concepts and principles of agile working Apply agile thinking, methods and tools to current roles, teams, projects and products Identify key areas where adopting agile approaches will be most effective for the team Find quick wins to help positivelyRead More →

agile retrospective sailing workshop

Retrospective Sailing Workshop Slides Retrospective Sailing Workshop Slides         I am delighted to be hosting a workshop at Agile in the City in London in April.  I love running this workshop with a big group to create a fleet of team retrospective sail boats!  Its also a great session for getting to know other attending the conference by playing this game with them. Do get in touch if you are attending and would like to meet up   19-20 April 2018 15Hatfields, London Retrospective Sailing workshop Session type: Hands-On Session duration: 60 minutes Presented by: Belinda Waldock Being Agile / AgileRead More →


Students studying for their GCSEs are required to continuously complete homework, create assignments and study for exams.  To perform their best they need time and task management skills to plan and manage their workload effectively. Agile is a popular method for task management developed by the tech community which is now used widely in many business sectors and disciplines and is highly transferable into other areas including studying at school. These simple ‘agile’ methods provide students with the study skills and tools they need to plan, prioritise and action their work. Create a study plan that’s easy to manage and action Plan and prioritise homework,Read More →