Retrospective Sailing

Retrospective Sailing Game — Agile Teams & Practices Workshop template and guide Put the wind back in the sails of your team, raise the anchors holding you back. Try out the Agile Retrospective Sailing game with your teams today, you’ll need something to draw a boat on, some post it notes and pens. Belinda Waldock Retrospective Sailing — an agile reflection game A hands on workshop facilitating a practical retrospective game. Retrospective Sailing is a game you can play as an individual in any role, as part of a development team, or, with clients and customers to help understand how your journey is fairing. This game will give you aRead More →


Delighted to attend the HMLR DDAT Conference and keynote this week on Digital Agile Communities As the world becomes ever more changeable, rather like the Cornish weather, we look to embrace agile into everything we do to keep up with the pace of change. Belinda will talk about agile and its application beyond code to help teams be more effective, develop innovative products, evolve our practices and design new business models. She will share her ultimate goal to create a local digital agile community, a self organising and managing community of interest, leading to a new 21st century engineering revolution in Cornwall. She will shareRead More →


Women in Business Event : Become an Agile Minded Business Woman Funded by the Superfast Business Cornwall Programme I am delighted to be part of this Women in Business event focusing on women in tech and all women who want to become an agile minded business woman and run their lives and businesses in a more agile way! Become an Agile Minded Business Woman Tuesday 9 May 2017 Pool Innovation Centre, Pool TR15 3PL Agenda: 09.00-09.30 Registration 09:30-09:45 Welcome – Superfast Business Cornwall 09:45-10:45 Belinda Wadock ‘Become an Agile Minded Business Woman’ 10:45-11.15 Break and networking 11.15-12.15 Agile Action Learning Workshop and Q&A 12.15-12:30Read More →


How to build an agile business Starting an agile business is an exciting time, full of challenges, learning and opportunity.  Many succeed but many fail too, being agile in business is vital to giving your business the best chance of success. In the tech start up sector there is a popular method used as a product development and business management tool kit know as agile.  It’s a methodology that aims to maximise profit, deliver value and help you to enjoy the journey of shaping and building a successful business.  In many ways the method is a mind set and way to help you to approachRead More →


Being Agile in Business was shortlisted for the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) Management book of the year.  I am delighted to see agile methods gaining positive feedback in the business management community. The book received some great feedback from the CMI judges which was ranked in the top 5 of the 55 books submitted in the category. Shortlisted for the ‘Practical Manager’ category at the Chartered Management Institute Management Book of the Year Awards. Judges’ comments:   “A unified suite of practical tools that will enable all managers to work faster, think clearer and improve their agility.” Ian MacEachern, Category Chair “I would recommend itRead More →