Agile Teams & Solutions  – Empower your teams through agile working Agile Teams: Agile Working: Agile Project Management: Agile Product Development: Agile Improvement Non-technical teams – supporting teams throughout an organisation to understand, adopt and apply agile to their roles and responsibilities. Technical Teams – training and coaching to help your teams understand, apply and implement agile working within their team on technical products. Agile Project Management Coaching & Workshops Agile is a business management methodology that has in recent years grown in popularity, endorsed by businesses as an approach that enables business directors and managers to engage their teams and develop high performing andRead More →


Identify strengths and opportunities, lead and empower teams, maximise performance and talent Agile Business Leadership & Agile Management Workshops and Coaching Presenting a series of customised training and workshops to share key concepts behind agile thinking and simple practical approaches to discover smarter, leaner and faster ways to improve and grow your business. Agile Management Training is suitable for business owners, directors and management teams. All workshops include practical application of agile and attendees will work on their own businesses.   Workshop materials provided Training and Workshops are tailored to fit a business, and topics can be pick and mixed to suit it’s individual objectives forRead More →


For Senior Leaders, Managers and Executives Whether you are an established business or a brand new start up agile and lean can help you to map your business model and plan in real time, in a way that’s fully tailored to you, your business and your teams Contact to discuss a customised programme for your business Strategic Roadmapping Workshop Develop a short-medium term roadmap for your business that operates in real time.  A business roadmap is a visual management tool that every member of your organisation can see and contribute to.  Use this tool to communicate with your teams and gain feedback on progressRead More →