Agile Leadership and Management


Identify strengths and opportunities, lead and empower teams, maximise performance and talent

Agile Business Leadership & Agile Management Workshops and Coaching

Presenting a series of customised training and workshops to share key concepts behind agile thinking and simple practical approaches to discover smarter, leaner and faster ways to improve and grow your business.

Agile Management Training is suitable for business owners, directors and management teams. All workshops include practical application of agile and attendees will work on their own businesses.   Workshop materials provided

Training and Workshops are tailored to fit a business, and topics can be pick and mixed to suit it’s individual objectives for growth and its leadership and management team.   Below are outlines of standard workshops that can be customised to fit your teams and business.

   Being Agile in Business – An Introduction to Agile Management

  • Leading and Managing Growth and Change with Agile Thinking
  • Creating a Model and Structure for Business Agility
  • Agile Project and Product Management
  • Agile Road Mapping & Pipelines

Key learning: Introduction to agile as a Business Management methodology and approaches; leadership and management, people and teams, culture, operations, innovation, improvement.

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   Agile as an Effective Leadership and Management Style

  • Developing an Agile Leadership Style
  • Communicating Strategy and Direction using Road Mapping
  • Empowering teams using Agile Management

Key learning points : leadership and improvement style; assertiveness and personal effectiveness; managing and communicating impact; communication of the goals/strategy; empowering and motivating teams; collaborative leadership; leading change.

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   Agile Culture – Creating and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation

  • Developing an agile culture
  • Innovation and Collaboration Games
  • Open Innovation
  • Agile Innovation tools and techniques

Key learning points : developing the vision; communicating change; change management; managing conflict; collaboration – partners, staff, suppliers; negotiating and influencing others; encouraging ideas and creativity; understanding culture; embedding innovation; building value; collaboration and open innovation; innovation culture and tools and techniques, business improvement.

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  Creating High Performing Teams using Agile

  • Building an Agile Team
  • Managing Team performance using Agile methodology
  • Creating an Agile culture of continuous improvement and learning

Key learning points : building a high performance team; empowerment and motivation; continuous recognition and reward; team dynamics, recognising behaviours and skills; team building; delegation; planning and organising; roles and responsibilities; performance management; managing team dynamics; organisational development.

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   Agile Business Modelling

  • Visualise current and future business models
  • Analyse models for growth barriers and opportunities
  • Analyse business value proposition
  • Communicate Business model and direction throughout the business

Key learning points: understanding your business model ; understanding the business value proposition; identifying barriers to growth; identifying growth opportunities; understanding business model change; communicating the business model; understanding new product/marketing development impact; business model innovation; business model generation

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    Sustaining Growth and Innovation – Effective Operations using Agile

  • Using Agile to find smarter, leaner, faster business operations
  • Identifying Barriers to growth and improvement
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile Product Development

Key learning: agile planning and implementation; identifying capability and capacity needs; improving effectiveness – quality, costs, delivery; managing risk; managing complexity; problem solving; identifying skills needs for the future; identifying barrier to growth; continuous improvement.


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